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#TeamCivile Tips & Tricks

#TeamCivile's Callan Dawson is sharing his tips and tricks for the game with us. Today's tip is about the how the third shot drop strategy changes as you progress as a player.

Many of us are taught to aim in the kitchen for a third shot, in an effort to force the opponent from the back line in a hurry. However, this often leads to a lob-style shot because we tend to slow the ball down in an effort for accuracy. This slow shot over the net usually results in a high bouncing ball on the other side, leaving a perfect opportunity for our opponent to slam it back at us. 

Here's what you should do instead, aim for the back line of the kitchen. This will lower the trajectory of your shot, surprising your opponent and taking away the open slam from a high bounce.


1. Don't try and gently lob the ball into the kitchen.

2. More advanced opponents will wait for the high drop shot to bounce and then hit a hard shot that will be difficult to return.

3. Instead, aim for the back of the kitchen line, in an effort to lower the trajectory of the ball and avoid the slam.