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Kerby Capri - Civile Fitness Coach

A Portland native, Kerby comes from a long line of coaches and athletes. Her grandparents coached the Philippines Olympic Track Team and her dad was practically born with track spikes on his feet. He later went on to break many high school records and become an all American track athlete. Kerby caught the bug and was competing in local all-comer track meets from a very young age, often beating the boys!  She also developed a love for soccer early on and has continued to play for most of her life.


After a stint in sports marketing, Kerby quickly realized sitting behind a desk wasn't for her. Shortly thereafter, Kerby's mother's personal trainer inspired her to combine her love of working with people with her drive for physical activity to become a certified personal trainer. It was then Kerby took the necessary steps to become certified through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

As a collegiate athlete, running and soccer took a toll on Kerby's body. Because of this, Kerby has come to realize how important it is to take care of your body while remaining active. Her workout style caters to those who want leaner, more defined bodies, which she helps them accomplish by using exercises that incorporate resistance training with bursts of cardio and stretching.

Kerby's dad, Tinker, is almost athlete royalty in his role at Nike, spanning thirty plus years. Through this relationship, Kerby has been lucky enough to meet and become friends with many inspiring athletes including Michael Jordan, Gabrielle Reece, Lance Armstrong, and Laird Hamilton, some of who even shared their workout secrets with Kerby. She is constantly on the lookout for new ideas and tools to keep her workouts fresh and fun, and loves working with anyone who wants to challenge themselves and improve their overall fitness. Kerby says the most rewarding part of her job is helping others feel better about themselves and watching their bodies and minds transform.

Training Philosophy:

Learning about clients’ goals is a main focus in establishing what type of workouts to create for them.

High intensity circuit* style workouts are used to thin out, lengthen, and define your muscles, rather than bulk them up.  This type of training involves low weights, lots of reps and cardio interspersed throughout the workout. Kerby uses minimal equipment (only free weights, balance discs, bands, balls, plyometric boxes, etc. - no large machines). By eliminating large exercise machines, which track your range of motion, (therefore limiting the effect the movement has on your muscle) it forces your body to control each movement and the result is increased strength and more flexibility.  Kerby also incorporates stretching into many of my exercises and teaches full body movements that do not isolate just one muscle, but work many muscles at one time.  This is effective because it uses a ton of core strength, promotes coordination, and balance and we are able to work our bodies out in a quicker, more efficient manner. 

Another benefit to not having complicated, expensive workout machines is that you can do most of these exercises anywhere, making it easy to keep yourself in-shape without owning any equipment or going to a gym!

For those of you with injuries or weakness in certain areas, modifications for each exercise are included in order to participate without further aggravating any complications.  Civile workouts are focused on strengthening exercises, with preventative and restorative qualities, for avid pickleball players.