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Civile Leads the Way in Pickleball Culture With Message of ‘Playing Nicely’

During 2020, golf was thought of as the most pandemic-friendly sport, but enthusiasts of pickleball beg to differ. At San Diego–headquartered Civile, which is the Italian word for “be civil,” pickleball is not only a sport but also a lifestyle and, with its apparel that pays homage to the game, the brand seeks to establish this activity as a major contributor of athleticism and sportsmanship. Brand partner Kate Nowlan sees great opportunity for the brand to reside at the forefront of forming the culture of pickleball as the sport grows, in addition to promoting the activity’s core values of kindness.

“Civile apparel is defining the emerging culture of pickleball. When you look at skateboarding, for example, it’s a niche sport, and there was a culture that emerged with that and brands that attached themselves to it and helped define it. You can say that is what we are doing in a similar way, so the growth opportunity is tremendous for us,” Nowlan explained. “It’s about bringing civility back and being nice and being kind.”

Founded by Aubri Steele, who now serves as the company’s chief executive officer, in 2020 Civile practiced a sustainable approach to apparel and manufactures its goods primarily in San Diego with production on certain pieces performed in Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif. Creating the apparel locally at factories where the brand’s team is able to ensure its products are crafted by expert sewers who use materials created from recycled sources is important to maintain quality but also reduces the company’s carbon footprint. Packaging for the brand’s pieces comprises a compostable material, an additional eco benefit.

“We don’t have the supply-chain issues when it comes to getting our goods produced. That has been a huge part of it. Also supporting local [businesses], and we feel very special to be working with these sew houses,” Nowlan said. “We are focused on sustainability, meaning we use fabrics that are using recycled materials and are ethically sourced, but beyond that, when we manufacture in the U.S., our carbon footprint is a lot less.”

The brand already plans on expanding as it is experiencing high growth within its men’s category. Civile has heard from men who enjoy the sweats, T-shirts and performance pieces, but they want more.

“We are going to produce more men’s products,” said Nowlan. “We are probably going to be launching [more] in spring 2022 for the men’s. We will have three more drops in 2022 [anticipated for April, August and October] on the women’s side and include some men’s stuff, but we want women’s to be our hero.”

Civile is also going to expand its sizing as there have been requests from women who love the brand’s mission but have different body types or want additional coverage.

“We have heard from women who want us to expand to make things for women who are curvier or on the larger side as well as—and this at times goes hand in hand—older women who don’t want the fitted look,” Nowlan said. “We are taking that into consideration to be inclusive because that is a really important value that we have.”

Available in sizes XS–XL in women’s and S–2XL in men’s, Civile is priced at $32 for a T-shirt to $148 for a pickleball dress and is available at


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