Not Like Other PickleBall Clothing Companies

At Civile Apparel we don’t do business as usual.  The social, environmental and ethical impact of our work matters to us, and we hope it does to you too. To that end we share with pride that our products are made right here in the USA, just a stone's throw from our headquarters in San Diego. We aim to consciously support local workers, families, and partnering businesses, while minimizing our environmental footprint. “Be Civil, Play Nicely” drives our attitude toward Pickleball, but it also infuses our approach to business. 
  We are a female-founded and female-run company, on a mission to support one another as colleagues, friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, and partners. 
civile apparel tropy We design, manufacture, and produce our apparel using ethical practices, right here in the beautiful USA.
heart love smbol By wearing Civile Apparel, you are vowing to always, "play nicely" and to help spread a message of respect and kindness.
We use 100% compostable shipping bags and 100% recycled custom tissue paper for packaging. 
Making you look and feel your best! Our stylish garments are made for who you are, on and off the court. 
Each of our product pages includes "Pairings" in the product description that invite you to explore some of our favorite items to accessorize with. Our way of honoring others in their craft.