Cancer Angels of San Diego

Cancer Angels of San Diego

Started by a dear friend, CASD is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization with over 97% of our proceeds directly benefiting Stage IV cancer patients, helping them meet their basic needs such as food, shelter and childcare. 

Due to the personal impact of Cancer on our team, we are proud to have donated over $1,500 this year to CASD. We hope to do more in the future! Read below for more information on Cancer Angels of San Diego. 

Help Those Close to Home

All of our financial assistance is provided to U.S. citizens or legal residents of San Diego County.  Your contribution goes to help those in our community suffering from this late-stage disease.

Payments Directly to Providers

All financial assistance is paid directly to service providers, such as landlords, SDG&E, and other services. This allows us to ensure that none of our funds are misused. 

Consistent Support

We are committed to providing support for patients as long as they continue to qualify, provided we have the funds. Most organizations give only temporary, limited financial help, leaving the patients “stranded” when modern medicine extends their lives.

Every Stage IV Cancer Covered

Most large national charities focus on one type of cancer (e.g. breast or prostate), leaving the majority of patients without resources.  CASD assists those with Stage IV disease, regardless of the type of cancer.

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